Permian Basin

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3808 E 52nd Street

Odessa, TX

6900 Tres Hermanas Blvd

Odessa, TX

3005 Kermit HWY

Odessa, TX

4110 N. Big Spring Street

Midland, TX

3314 North Loop 250

Midland, TX

1103 Andrews HWY

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201 SW 1st Street

Andrews, TX

3314 N Loop 250

Midland, TX

1103 Andrews HWY

Midland, TX

Permian Basin Wash Pricing

With all of our signature washes below you may purchase additional add-ons, interior and lube & tune services as available by location. Select your Permian Basin location above to see what additional services are offered at your preferred location.


$ 12 Per Wash
  • Prep/Bug Spray
  • 2 Step Dirt & Grime Remover
  • Triple Foam Polish
  • Under Carriage Wash
  • Flash Dry Drying Agent


$ 18 Per Wash
  • All Wonder Wash Services
  • 2 Step Chemical Tire Application
  • Reflection Wax


$ 25 Per Wash
  • All Super Wash Services
  • Carnuba Wax
  • Ceramic Clear Coat Protection
  • Tire Gloss

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